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Is your site ready for the latest google changes?

Can you deliver a good mobile experience for your clients or users?

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Our Company

Combining the disciplines of thought and process, OnSwitch digital is in a unique position to offer you a new perspective. We are a digital agency with a difference, in that we are not an agency who is going to “sell” you a solution. We will give you a solution to your problem and then you have the power to take the solution and grow.
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Digital Marketing

Get your message out there through the measurable medium of digital

Big Data

We take your data and make sense of the chaos. Insights you thought were not even there

SEO, SEM & Social

By combining an active and passive approach to marketing, amazing things can happen

Want it to make sense?

Got a lot of data that you cannot see through?
Make sense!

What is success to you?

What you classify as a successful campaign, statement of work or website is different to what another business classes as success. Our method starts with sitting down and working out what will be a success in your mind come final sign off time. That way we are all working toward the same goal.

What do you do with your data?

Have you sat down and looked at all the data that you are collecting on a daily basis? If you have, do you know where to find the insights needed to make a real change? What if you got an outsider, us, in to look at your data and extrapolate some insights to help you make better decisions?

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Even if you just want to know what SEO means.

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Latest thoughts

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The death of Adobe Flash!

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How do you claim the $20000 tax break?

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That SEO minefield changed again

So did you notice the Google update late in May? There was no notification just certain changes in your ranking or your SEO efforts. Your competitors may have moved dramatically or you may have changed position. Either way there was a change with a renewed focus on... read more

Responsive NOT Mobile

So Google have just rolled out their latest update and it will catch a lot of businesses and people out. Do you have a mobile site up and running and think you are safe? does your mobile friendly site sit at You might have it all wrong. Your site... read more

The collective brain

A fascinating TED talk on how we as humans have and continue to progress at amazing rates. The nodes of our collective brain are becoming more and more efficient. Another valid point raised is that no one, and that is no one, knows how to build a computer mouse from... read more

Our Skills


Search engine optimisation is a bit like playing chess with a board that could change shape any second. After years of playing this game we have developed systems that work without the need to worry about penalties.


Search engine marketing is a matter of putting yourself in your customers shoes. What is your ideal customer? What is it they want and how do you engage them and make them buy? There is the art in it, that we know.

Website Design

Of course at the heart of any agency is the ability to build things that work. We don’t always rebuild a website. It might be a case of performing optimised alterations and then focussing on a strategy.

More than just websites

Think you need a new website? Do you, or do you just need a better strategy?

Matt is someone who was the right cultural fit, and this is often a hard thing to nail. It was his ability to explain things that made sense when other IT geeks only tried to feel powerful by confusing you using words that made no sense and only frustrated everyone. Beyond this, Matt took the ball and ran with it. He’s welcome at our boardroom table anytime as both the internal and external clients dig him. An all round good guy. Dan Adler

Managing Director, The Really Quite Good Ideas Company

Matt is one of the most professional people one can come across with. I had the privilege of working with him for almost 4 years in which I would consider a very productive stage of my career. Matt is a talented, results oriented and a strategically sound operator. He is capable of finding innovative solutions and knows how to get the job done efficiently and effectively which makes him a valuable resource for any organisation. Remon Saddik

Developer, Foxtel

I’m very happy with the work Matt has done for us. He recently optimised our site and within two weeks there was a dramatic jump in traffic. Joel Helmes

General Manager, Behind The Wheel

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