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Is your site ready for the latest google changes?

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Combining the disciplines of thought and process, OnSwitch digital is in a unique position to offer you a new perspective. We are a digital agency with a difference, in that we are not an agency who is going to “sell” you a solution. We will give you a solution to your problem and then you have the power to take the solution and grow.
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Digital Marketing

Get your message out there through the measurable medium of digital

Big Data

We take your data and make sense of the chaos. Insights you thought were not even there

SEO, SEM & Social

By combining an active and passive approach to marketing, amazing things can happen

Want it to make sense?

Got a lot of data that you cannot see through?
Make sense!

What is success to you?

What you classify as a successful campaign, statement of work or website is different to what another business classes as success. Our method starts with sitting down and working out what will be a success in your mind come final sign off time. That way we are all working toward the same goal.

What do you do with your data?

Have you sat down and looked at all the data that you are collecting on a daily basis? If you have, do you know where to find the insights needed to make a real change? What if you got an outsider, us, in to look at your data and extrapolate some insights to help you make better decisions?

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Latest thoughts

Automation is the new frontier

I have written before about the wonders automating systems with things like IFTTT and Zapier. But now people are starting to see the true power of things for everyone. Take for example the disabled who just need the door to unlock, the alarm to turn and the lights to turn on when they get home. Bet you hadn’t thought of using online automation for that? What about a distress signal instigated by an elderly person suddenly falling with a phone in there pocket then not moving. The phone would have felt the sudden fall then the lack of motion. This could then trigger an alert via an app to tell nursing home staff of the fall or one step further send a distress signal to the Ambulance service with GPS co-ordinates from the phone. We can then look at saving the planet. How about office towers that purely use lighting and air conditioning controlled by movement being detected and not relying on people to turn lights or heating/cooling off as they leave. How about using purely the power of digital assets. You instigate an online advertising campaign via Google Adwords. This campaign is driving people to your landing page to register for a free e-book. This registration is taken via Infusionsoft and these people are then in your workflow of timed and thought out sales pitches. Throughout the wholse process you are being notified of each registration that is being recorded automatically in a spreadsheet for you check or you are getting emails. Currently there about 1000 different interactions you can use online and offline to automate just about... read more

To lease or own?

At a recent workshop it was pointed out that the price of an effective and well built website seems exorbitant to a struggling small business or startup. Of course we can’t see that because we need to apply many unseen factors into every build plus years of experience translate into a seamless, and seemingly easy process. This got me thinking, what if you could lease a website like you would any other equipment within your business? The lessor takes care of the maintenance, which is a major overhead these days with security updates seeming to come out every week, and after 18 months a new lick of paint and some new curtains for the site. All of this built into a monthly expense which becomes part of the marketing budget and bit of a tax break whilst you are at it. Just thought I would throw that out there. Maybe it’s time to look at the internet as a vehicle for growth rather than a lost expense for something you will never physically... read more

Are you coming from Why or What?

This is a fascinating TED talk by Simon Sinek about how great leaders inspire. It boils down to deciding where you are being driven from, either you are selling the what, so the latest and greatest widget, or the why, this widget will change the world. Are you on purpose or out to make a... read more

Go on, get lost!!

When was the last time you got lost? I mean really lost. No phone to help you get back, no map to refer to, nothing but your natural instincts and a sense of adventure. Oh you can’t remember? You never have? Well, I got lost the other week, without phone reception, no map and no idea where I had ended up. and……………..   It was fantastic!! It actually made me happy inside to know I was somewhere I hadn’t been before and I didn’t know where I was going. Yes, I could have just gone back the way I came but that would have defeated or destroyed this feeling of adventure I suddenly had. We live in a connected world that is quite possibly too connected. When can we truly switch off, disconnect let go of this false connectedness? Hopefully sooner rather than later. In my opinion it is killing... read more

The death of Adobe Flash!

So can you remember where you were when New Horizons did it’s flyby of Pluto? No, neither can I. But I can tell you where I was when Flash suddenly become poison and no longer worked in my trusted browsers. I was trying to get my invoicing done and suddenly the software I was using threw an error because for some reason it used flash somewhere in it’s structure. Firefox first started not supporting any version of the plugin and made it abundantly clear that it was not going to let it work no matter what, and now I am getting warnings from Chrome that Flash is about to be unsupported. Steve Jobs started something here. Speaking from the side of a marketer who has to produce advertising banners with punch that used to be all delivered in Flash, we now have to produce HTML5 banners to get things to work across mobile devices (iOS) that are dominating the landscape. Welcome to Web... read more

How do you claim the $20000 tax break?

HOW TO GET THE NEW SMALL BUSINESS TAX WRITE OFFS WHO GETS IT? If you are registered business, i.e. you have an ABN, and it turned over less that $2 million you can claim. HOW MUCH? Businesses can buy any machinery or equipment related to their business if each item is valued at less than $20,000. You can claim the full amount from your income to reduce your tax bill. There is no limit on the number of items a business can claim. WHAT CAN I CLAIM? Cars, vans, utes, trailers, motorbikes, lawnmowers, ovens, fridges, coffee machines, other machinery, kitchens, tables and chairs, carpets, printers, photocopiers, tools, welding equipment, saws, generators, pumps, solar panels, heating, hot water units, water tanks, airconditioning units, sound and security systems, computers  – any item used for running the business – will be 100 per cent tax deductible. And of course your website! WHAT CAN’T I BUY? You cannot use the money to buy stock for your business. Horticultural plants and in-house software also do not qualify. IF MY ITEM IS $20,000 OR OVER CAN I STILL CLAIM IT? Yes, but the value of items over that amount qualify for less generous and more complicated tax breaks associated with depreciation. WHEN DOES IT START AND END? You’ll have effectively two years to take up the tax break. The small business tax deductions will start at 7.30pm May 12, 2015, and end on June 30, 2017.   Of course check with your accountant as we have been informed there are caveats to everything, of course. Source: The Sydney Morning... read more

Our Skills


Search engine optimisation is a bit like playing chess with a board that could change shape any second. After years of playing this game we have developed systems that work without the need to worry about penalties.


Search engine marketing is a matter of putting yourself in your customers shoes. What is your ideal customer? What is it they want and how do you engage them and make them buy? There is the art in it, that we know.

Website Design

Of course at the heart of any agency is the ability to build things that work. We don’t always rebuild a website. It might be a case of performing optimised alterations and then focussing on a strategy.

More than just websites

Think you need a new website? Do you, or do you just need a better strategy?

Matt is someone who was the right cultural fit, and this is often a hard thing to nail. It was his ability to explain things that made sense when other IT geeks only tried to feel powerful by confusing you using words that made no sense and only frustrated everyone. Beyond this, Matt took the ball and ran with it. He’s welcome at our boardroom table anytime as both the internal and external clients dig him. An all round good guy. Dan Adler

Managing Director, The Really Quite Good Ideas Company

Matt is really up to date and knowledgeable in digital marketing trends. I like to work with people that really enjoy what they do and you only have to spend 15 minutes over a coffee with him to understand his passion for IT and digital marketing. He knows his stuff, shows interest in what you do, looks for strategies to employ in your business and focuses on results.

David Ford

Recruitment Specialist, New Point Recruitment

I’m very happy with the work Matt has done for us. He recently optimised our site and within two weeks there was a dramatic jump in traffic. Joel Helmes

General Manager, Behind The Wheel

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