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Oktoberfest BrisbaneSo, with a combined experience of nearly 40 years the team can claim they have seen the birth of the internet.

We are just a bunch of hard working blokes who have a real passion for digital and realms of possibility it present. A digital agency was born from these possibilities because we all shared the vision.

What vision you ask? The vision that anything is possible and given enough time, work and money there should be nothing that is out of reach.

So, be it a cutting edge app that has sprung from the nether reaches of someone’s fertile imagination or simply a new website that requires a little more than a “slap it together” attitude we are the guys you call.

We specialise in:

Business Website Design & Development
Ecommerce Website Design & Development
Blog Design & Development
Brand Identity & Logo Design
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Online Advertising (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn)
Email Marketing
Direct Marketing
Content Marketing
and anything else you can throw at us.



What We Think

A better pen

I know it’s not real, but did you hear the story about NASA spending millions on developing a pen that worked in space, and the Russians just used a pencil?

This translates nicely into a business lesson and also brings up another saying I like, “it is like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut”.

How many sledge hammers are you using to crack your walnuts? How many space pens are you working on when there is already a great cheap, or free, option out there?

Everyone, take a step back and just think.

Creative or Analytical Thinker? Which are you?

After a tumultuous 10 months I have found that there is a massive different between creatively thinking through a problem and analysing a problem. After all I have been a programmer for 20 years.

I used to think I was an analyst who took in all the information, calculated the outcomes and came to an educated conclusion. “Used to” is the operative phrase here.

After almost working myself into an early grave, quite literally, I found myself on a cocktail of modern drugs that removed a lot of my massive highs and deep lows so I could maintain an even keel. It took 7 months of experimentation and countless dark times before a psychiatrist prescribed something known as “Californian Rocket Fuel”. Eureka!! I felt 90% myself again, with one glaring difference. My emotion that used to drive my creativity was flattened. This “flatness” has shown me how much I had been using this emotion to think creatively and solve problems.

I WAS a creative thinker, NOW I am an analytical thinker.

I can now see the chasm, the great divide, between both streams. Where I would get flustered in the face of too much information previously I can now sit calmly with all the information and truly come to an informed decision.

Creativity Switch

It is all about the Power to switch it on or off. 

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. #power bill  It's a beautiful day  Bored in pastels  New camper set up. New mattress unwrapped. Time to finally relax. The #power of debt ;)  #power of the sun, and summer isn't here yet
 Another year, another ballet concert  End of an interesting week.  Because I am just too damned old!!  Hangin' with the #power (the premier)  Early riser #power
 Things you see when you actually look.  Yep, that's a lot of boats.  'Tis the #power of the season  #power of tent construction. #oktoberfestbrisbane about to open  Power of the road trip!
 Zee Germans are coming! Tickets are on sale.  Bored in pastels again  Hard days night #nofilter  #power of no filter. It's a good day.  Moon power

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