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Our digital chops

Oktoberfest BrisbaneSo, with a combined experience of nearly 40 years the team can claim they have seen the birth of the internet.

We are just a bunch of hard working blokes who have a real passion for digital and realms of possibility it present. A digital agency was born from these possibilities because we all shared the vision.

What vision you ask? The vision that anything is possible and given enough time, work and money there should be nothing that is out of reach.

So, be it a cutting edge app that has sprung from the nether reaches of someone’s fertile imagination or simply a new website that requires a little more than a “slap it together” attitude we are the guys you call.

We specialise in:

Business Website Design & Development
Ecommerce Website Design & Development
Blog Design & Development
Brand Identity & Logo Design
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Online Advertising (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn)
Email Marketing
Direct Marketing
Content Marketing
Digital Asset Audits
Social Media Training

and anything else you can throw at us.



What We Think

Questions to ask your web developer

The Gold Coast glitz and glamour does not translate well into savvy marketers willing to get a job done right the first time.
Specialising in Gold Coast web design, OnSwitch, has managed to see another side of people trying to make a buck from peoples lack of knowledge.

So without further delay, here are the questions everyone needs to ask their we developer:

  1. Can I see your past work?
  2. How long have you been in the industry?
  3. What technologies do you specialise in? Are they open source and is there a large community out there to support us if this relationship ends?
  4. Do you perform a digital audit before a project?
  5. Do you create the information architecture (IA) before the development begins for approval?
  6. Do we get staged releases so we can check we are on the same page?
  7. Is there a clear project schedule with clear milestones for us to meet?
  8. Can we have the site/campaign/social strategy tested by a third party?

And finally ask for a price that includes all of these things, because without the following you are just getting a shiny new toy that no one will ever see:

  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Digital audit of existing assets
  3. Information Architecture (IA)
  4. Design including 2 rounds of feedback (if needed) otherwise Optimised Theme (WordPress)
  5. At least 2 weeks of testing
  6. UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

After all that the site and database structure can actually get under way.


Remember, if you need a 3rd party to bounce some ideas off please give us a call or email.


Digital Asset Audit

Is your business visible when someone searches in your area for your services?
Does all of your digital marketing material match and create a complete picture of what you can offer? Is your digital marketing working for you?

A digital audit will investigate all digital assets including your website, your social media your search optimisation. Your social media does not just mean Facebook. We look at ALL social media including, but not limited to Twitter, Google+, Google Business, Instagram etc.

What you get:

  • Your website optimised for Local SEO
  • Your social media pages optimised
  • Analytics optimisation to enable complete tracking of all activity
  •  A recommended course of action to further enhance your local search reach
  • A recommended approach for implementing an online advertising campaign

Creativity Switch

It is all about the Power to switch it on or off. 

 Lazy Sunday morning. #power and money  Another year, another ballet concert  End of an interesting week.  Because I am just too damned old!!  Hangin' with the #power (the premier)
 It would not be a conference without mentos. #power of mentos  Things you see when you actually look.  Yep, that's a lot of boats.  'Tis the #power of the season  #power of tent construction. #oktoberfestbrisbane about to open
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 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. #power bill  It's a beautiful day  Bored in pastels  New camper set up. New mattress unwrapped. Time to finally relax. The #power of debt ;)  #power of the sun, and summer isn't here yet



Who We Are

We are the creative spark that is ignited by the switch. OnSwitch Digital Agency

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We could not do what we do without the expert advice and collaborations with our trusted partners.





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