3 Advantages to Landing Pages

A landing page is a specifically built page within a website, or on a standalone platform, that is purely designed to get people to:

  • Signup to something
  • Buy something from you
  • Deliver something to people
  • Just help people out with something

So those three advantages to landing pages:

  • Can be campaign specific.
    The whole page can be to deliver one thing and one thing only so you don’t dilute your content with other offerings and information.
  • They are quick
    You can have a new landing page up and going in a matter of minutes (if you have your content and template) without needing to change website design to fit.
  • They are immensely measurable
    You can track EVERYHING in a landing page and thusly learn from each and every page you have built or used. You can even A/B split test without the hassle of building a mechanism to deliver the tests.

A landing page is like a website on steroids, lots more sales, lots more data, lots more testing, all becoming your Intellectual Property (IP).

Driving data driven decisions and more market share.


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