5 Must Read Business Books for 2017

Yes, I know, yet another list of business books that you need to read in 2017.

There is a difference here though, I promise. These business books are things that have specifically helped me as a small business owner better understand myself and my audience.

So I tell people I read a LOT, but in actual fact I listen a lot.

I spend so much time in my car driving that I have taken to listening to business books whilst I drive, or not drive, depending on the traffic.

So here are my top 5 business books for 2017, that just so happen to come in audio version also.

The List

The Revenge of Analog by David Sax

Now I didn’t agree with everything David had to say, especially about the need for computers in education, but overall it was a fascinating look into “old being brand new”.
Think vinyl records and cameras using film. The next generation are fascinated with aesthetic of days gone by and so are embracing it. It will be interesting to see if the trends highlighted in this book stay the course though.

Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat by Michael Masterson

If you ever needed a blueprint for getting a business off the ground and every step after that then this is the book for you. Rather than vague examples of what could be achieved this book actually gives you a plan to execute. Just make sure you take notes and work through the tasks.

Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone 

Grant Cardone can be a bit much to take sometimes, a bit like another author on this list, but what he has to share is invaluable. Here is a guy who has built an empire from nothing and is now sharing his experiences. He is obviously doing it for another income stream but if you can get passed the BS there are nuggets of pure gold in here.

#AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk

Now comes the other author/celebrity who can and does rub people up the wrong way. Love hime or hate him he has built something extraordinary through hard work and the “grind”. This book is a collection of questions sent by listeners of his hugely successful podcast. He gives his answers to the questions and then elaborates further. Each question is around business and entrepreneurship so right up my alley.

The Go Giver by Bob Burg

This is a very short book that I was told about at a seminar. I read it is a parable in the same genre as the Richest Man in Babylon, another must read. The main gist of the book is always deliver value above what you charge. Give and be prepared to receive instead of fending of receiving as modern society seems to be teaching these days.

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