Are you starting with why?

What is your Why?

After watching a very interesting TED talk a couple of years ago by a guy named Simon Sinek (Youtube vid below) I started to ask the question of “Why” when assessing a business or potential client.

Well the novelty wore off after a period when I didn’t really see how this worked or if it really worked. Fast forward to now and I have just finished reading the book “Start with why” and I suddenly get it.

Do you start with why when assessing a new product you are going to produce?

Do you ask why when approving a new piece of marketing?

Do you ask why when you get up in the morning to get yourself into the office before anyone else?


The why is your driving force! Why did you start your business and why do you keep going? Can you align your why with what you are putting out there?

Anyway watch the talk and definitely get a hold of the book, or as I did the audiobook.

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