Is there still a place for traditional marketing?

Too bloody right there is!

I was meeting with a potential client the other day after being introduced to them via a traditional PR firm.

This firm does not have a handle on digital yet and at the moment do not need it to survive, or even thrive in their case.

Even though their digital chops are not there it struck me during this meeting as they presented their “traditional” approach that without the “old school” approach the digital tac becomes that much harder.

Think of somewhere like Super Amart. Dan and the crew from Next Thursday are doing a fantastic job of getting that brand seen and known a little better through the use of a “back to basics” approach of getting a great looking product up and in front of people, literally (think massive billboards). This approach is then creating that “top of mind” for someone to go and search online for Super Amart, not “affordable leather couches” where the search results have been flooded by companies who can import cheap couches then spend the savings on SEO and SEM.

Wouldn’t you prefer a method of bringing the old and new together to deliver the most cost effective execution imaginable? I sure as hell would.


How many cliche’s did you spot 😉

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