Professionals and Authority

So, I had the pleasure of meeting a professional athlete yesterday who was a quiet and humble man who had an air of a man who knew who he was and what he could do in his arena.

On the other side here was a man who had conquered his sport and had a worldwide following but in his new venture as business owner and ambassador he was a new student. I could see his uneasy demeanor so I probed him on his sport with the view to getting my kids into the sport. That did the trick he went into “his” world and the comfort came back. We continued the meeting and I could see that he knew he was a little out of his depth but I could also see that he had made the decision to improve his skills within realm of business.

So are you a professional who has honed their skills into a specific role or field? Or have you started to increase your scope so you can give back to your clients your knowledge and understanding of their needs and expertise? An all rounder will always beat a single minded expert in this business world (Tweet this).

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