So you are having your head filled with all these acronyms.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing (Adwords)
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • How about Content Marketing
  • Also Inbound Marketing

So many things to weigh up, especially if you are a small business with little time and little budget for things like this that you don’t know.

Unfortunately you need all of these things to succeed.

You need to hit all of them hard to begin with then wind things back and you see what is working and what isn’t. Yes we start with a strategy based on best practice for business in your field but you can’t know how it will pan out because your personality needs to resonate with your audience. You don’t have an audience yet? Well there is part of the strategy.

So basically you need to build a good base around robust research in your industry. What do people search for when they need you? This becomes the basis of an SEO strategy.

Built on top of that is the Adwords campaign that utilises these search terms and enhances the foundation built for SEO. The Ads drive a targeted audience to your website or landing page or phone.

You then start the work on building an audience on Social Media. You can create an audience in various management consoles on the media platforms and from there you build a campaign to get the likes, shares, phone calls or buys.

Then you take the final step that spans across all of these channels and that is Inbound Marketing using content. You write, or have written, informative, authoritive articles to educate, inform and/or entertain your target market. These articles are then distributed across all the channels with slight tweaks for each channel and repeat.

None of this is quick process and none of it cheap to start with. However if you are looking for win that keeps on giving this is the strategy and execution you are looking for!

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