Sorry, but you can’t know everything

How many times have you come across someone, or is it you, who knows a little about a lot of things so they think they can do everything.

I have. hint: it’s me.

So what have learned after years of screwing things up or not getting the results I wanted is that:

  • You have to know what you don’t know
  • Once you know that you don’t know work out what to ask so you do know

That second part is actually the hard part. If you don’t know what to ask you will never get get the answers you need.

Ever been in a job interview and been asked to rattle off what you know on a subject and when you don’t know everything on the spot you are deemed as “not knowing”? Well what if you could be asked about just about anything and within 30 seconds you have checked on Google and because you KNOW WHAT TO ASK you have a better answer than trying to grasp vaguely remembered fact from the recesses of you brain? you would be a rockstar.

Well that is the lesson to learn. What are the questions to ask when you need to know more. A little knowledge can take you a long way if you know what to ask next to get that little further.

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