Where did customer service go?

Just recently I spent some time looking for a new car and a new motorbike. Yep, both at the same time (long story).

Anyway I was wandering around the local Audi dealers car lot checking out the second hand cars. I spent a good 15 minutes climbing in and out of the cars trying to work out what model I liked and would fit my family and work needs. I narrow it down to 2 cars that are well and truly in my price range and I wait…..

and wait….

and wait….

All the sales staff see me roaming the yard and they are too busy chatting to each other and making coffee. Generally judging my appearance to be someone who couldn’t possibly be able to purchase an Audi directly from a dealer.

Admittedly I probably wouldn’t strike anyone as an Audi driver, particularly this day as I was wearing old jeans, a motorbike jacket and carrying a bike helmet.

Having said that, it shouldn’t matter what I look like. I was seriously looking for a high end car!!!

I work on the internet so I don’t see the customers I drive to clients businesses so I don’t get a chance to judge so in this modern world, face-to-face salespeople shouldn’t judge either.

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